Seizing Tbilisi Opportunities: New Builds vs. Ready-for-Rent

Ready-for-rent apartments in Tbilisi are typically 1-10 years old and considered second-hand. These fully renovated and furnished properties tend to be pricier due to their move-in-ready condition. Some may even come with existing tenants, providing immediate income for investors. Others may need minor upgrades or tenant searches.

On the other hand, newly-built apartments can cost around $50,000 and offer flexible payment options. However, there may be delays during the construction process, and once completed, an additional investment of around $20,000 is usually required for renovations and furnishing. In contrast, ready-for-rent apartments require a one-time payment, either from personal savings or a loan.

Though not as affordable as new projects, ready-for-rent properties' prices remain competitive, and the potential for high return on investment keeps the market bustling with eager buyers and sellers.

To purchase a ready-for-rent apartment, buyers should prepare all necessary documents and provide us with crucial information, such as price range, property age limit, preferred location, and any deal-breakers. Our sales team will then find a suitable property, negotiate on the client's behalf, and manage the entire process, including translation and legal documentation.

Bear in mind that the Tbilisi market moves quickly, and local homeowners expect prompt transactions. Being well-prepared for a swift purchase is essential to secure the best deals in this fast-paced real estate landscape.

Required Documents

Buy/Sell/Renovate Power of attorney

Bank of Georgia Power of attorney

Bank Statement

Bank statement of bank account ownership is required in order to get loan in tbilisi georgia and in rare cases in order to open account and transfer funds

employment record + 6 month income

in order to aprove a loan in georgia, the bank requires a letter confirming you are employed, in case that you are the bussines owner you need to have proper documents showing you have a bussines in youre name, also in both cases you will need to show income to youre privet account for at least six months