Thriving Tbilisi Real Estate: A Snapshot of Growth and Opportunities

Tbilisi's real estate market is flourishing, with remarkable growth in property prices and rental yields. Here's a concise summary:

In recent years, Tbilisi has experienced unprecedented price growth, reaching a 30% increase in some districts. Rental yields stood at 8-12% in 2022, making it an attractive market for investors. The National Bank of Georgia attributes this growth to demand and supply factors. "White frame" flats' prices increased by 46%, contributing to the overall surge. February 2023 saw a 19% increase in transactions, indicating a highly active market. Average asking sale prices and rental prices continue to rise, with projections suggesting significant growth throughout 2023. Archi, the largest real estate company in Georgia, offers flexible payment options and a 25% price increase during the construction period, regardless of market conditions.

  • Top 10 reasons to invest in Tbilisi's real estate market:

    1. Substantial price growth in recent years, with a 30% increase in some districts.
    2. Impressive rental yields of 8-12% in 2022.
    3. Rising demand and supply factors driving the market.
    4. 46% increase in "white frame" flats' prices.
    5. Highly active market, with a 19% increase in transactions in February 2023.
    6. Continuous growth in average asking sale prices and rental prices.
    7. Favorable return on investment due to rising rental yields.
    8. Projections indicate strong growth throughout 2023.
    9. Accessible financing options, including up to 100% funding for Israeli clients.
    10. Exclusive partnership with Archi, offering flexible payment options and guaranteed price increases.
  • The Future Still Shines: Tbilisi Real Estate Market Outlook

    Despite uncertainties surrounding the Tbilisi real estate market, the future remains promising for investors. The city's ongoing infrastructure development and consistent GDP growth of 4% per annum between 2011 and 2021 signal a solid foundation for economic success. Furthermore, Tbilisi is home to over 30 universities, attracting a large student population willing to pay higher rental prices for quality accommodations.

    The recent influx of migrants from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia has led to surging rental prices, and while sales prices have not matched this rapid growth, experts advise focusing on areas with consistent demand. Central districts like Saburtalo, Vake, Matsminda, Vera, Sololaki, Ortachala, Avlabari, and Chugureti remain strong investment options, offering long-term returns even in the face of potential market downturns.

    While Tbilisi's reputation as a great value-for-money destination may be evolving, there are still fantastic investment opportunities for those ready to pay a little more. The city's robust student population, infrastructure development, and favorable rental yields continue to make Tbilisi a shining prospect for real estate investors.