Tbilisi and Districts

The image above shows the city of Tbilisi and some of its districts.
we choose to focus on those 3 since most of our clients invest in them.

Didube (GREEN) - known for having great public transport which includes a train and
metro stations.

mostly accommodates foreigners who relocated students, Didube has
comfortable prices and great access to most parts of Tbilisi

Saburtalo (RED) - a big part of the heart of Tbilisi, Saburtalo has big wide road,
good public transport, while also being very popular with younger generations,
students and investors.

Vake (BLUE) - the second most expensive district in Tbilisi, Vake is luxurious and
modern, populated mostly by higher class of people who are well educated or foreigners
who choose to live a different and more expensive way of living.